Charles Barry January 20, 2019

2024-03-24 | 23:30:15

"Had a truck throw a drive shaft in Perry, GA. They were very quick to get enroute and Ed was very helpful with the most cost effective repair. Truck repair companies like these guys just don’t exist out here anymore!!"
David Wagner July 6, 2018

2024-03-24 | 23:30:16

"Great people, great service!"
Motown sound productions ————- June 20, 2018

2024-03-24 | 23:30:17

"Very nice and fair pricing"
Milos P June 22, 2017

2024-03-24 | 23:30:17

"Good place to fix ur truck fast and price is ok. I paid 450 to change 2 wheel seals on trailer. Friendly people work there."
asziszi3 May 7, 2017

2024-03-24 | 23:30:18

"Great and fast service on a Sunday. Charged as much as they initially estimated. I think, these are good and professional people! Cheers!"
Akos Kosik April 9, 2017

2024-03-24 | 23:30:19

"Rescued me at 6 am Sunday morning with broken airline on my trailer. They are the only reliable people in this area early Sunday morning._Family business!!!! I talked to the father and son showed up within one hour._I was broke down on the I-75 20 miles north of there location._Highly recommended!!!"